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ADJ UV COB Cannon LED ($100)

A021 *Backlighting* Disclaimer- Very Powerful UV Light

Chauvet Slim Beam ($25)

C06 * Angle Uplighting*

Chauvet Slim Par Pro ($25)

C03 *Uplighting*/ *Stage lighting*

Chauvet EZ Slim Par 64 ($30)

C02 *Uplighting*

Chauvet DJ Swarm ($25)

L08 *Special FX*

Chauvet DJ Shocker 90

C08 *Strobe* / *Special FX* Disclaimer- Very Bright White Light

PinSpot Light *4 Pack* ($30)

C018 *Spotlighting*

Chauvet Intimidator ($75)

C013 *Special FX*/ *Moving Spotlight*

ADJ IKON IR Projector ($75)

A019 *80 watt LED Gobo Projector* * Comes with 1 In-Stock Gobo* Call for pricing for Custom Gobo's

Pin spot *Bar* ($30)

C017 *Spotlighting*

Color Band Pix ($25)

C07 *Uplighting*, *Special FX*, *Stage Lighting*

ADJ COB Cannon Wash *RGB* ($50)

A023 *Uplighting*/ *Stage lighting*

ADJ COB Cannon Wash ($50)

A022 *Uplighting*/ *Stage lighting*

Chauvet Followspot ($75)

C015 *Spotlighting*

Chauvet Rotosphere ($50)

L09 *Special FX*

Chauvet Slim PAR 64 ($20)

C01 *Uplighting*

ADJ IKON Effect Mini ($40)

A026 *Special FX*

ADJ H20 DMX PRO IR ($25)

A020 *Special FX*

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