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After our initial meeting with a potential client, we will listen to the their needs and wants to prepare an initial quote for services within a few days of the meeting.  Once the client has decided the services they would like to hire us for, they will receive a contract and invoice. Then a Divine Inspirations Inc. event specialist will contact the client to start planning the event, this includes the theme or vision for the event. We will then move on to more specific planning items, such as time, locations, budget and cost of event.

Our event specialist will be responsible for soliciting bids from vendors, including caterers, photographers, DJs, florists, videographers, and much more for the event. Before the event, we will work with the venue’s on-site staff to ensure all details about your event are accurate. In some cases, our event specialist may be required to coordinate additional services such as special deliveries, transportation and accommodations for the guests.

We will use our negotiation skills to work out prices for our clients. This includes negotiating event spaces and vendors. We will also make it our goal to ensure that we adhere to the budget given.

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